Knowing what teachers thinkwantneed, and feel is vital to supporting them in their jobs. But how do you find these things out?

Ask Teacher Tapp!

Every day we survey 2,500 teachers to build a picture of what is really happening on the ground in schools. Our data will help you find out what schools really need to make their working environment better and more productive for pupils.

Can my business ask a question?

Most likely! Though we have some ground rules. (For example, it should help us learn something about teachers’ lives, so you can’t randomly ask about favoured brands of toothpaste).

How does the process work?

  1. ☎ We chat to discuss what you want to know (and why) – Together we will work out what your organisation most needs to know to help it move forward. If we already have freely published data on our blogs, or data in our back catalogue then we will let you know (saving you time and money!)
  2. 📝Agree questions & dates – If you need new data, we will agree the questions together and schedule them according to your preferred timescale.
  3. 📱PING! At 3.30pm on your chosen date, the questions go out on Teacher Tapp  – They will be online for 24 hours and answered by around 2,500 teachers. Not every teacher answers every day – our pool of panellists is actually much larger.
  4. 🎉Results are in – Once the poll closes, top-level results will be immediately available on the app. Within 48 hours we provide you with exclusive and bespoke analysis of the data, on a sample re-weighted to represent the teaching population.

Does it work? Charities and companies think so…

We worked with Teacher Tapp on our school staff wellbeing consultation. The team were helpful and responsive to queries and requests. Their knowledge and insight into both the subject matter and the analysis of the results were incredibly valuable to our project.

Tim Linehan, Head of Communications, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Teacher Tapp gave us useful insight into what teachers really think about one-to-one tuition. We we were able to blend this sentiment with our annual impact data from our schools programmes to tell a fuller story about how one-to-one tuition is transforming outcomes. Working with Teacher Tapp was quick, easy and personalised – their experience of the education space meant she was able to optimize our questions for more relevant results and the data breakdown afterwards was really useful.

James Grant, Co-founder of MyTutor

What sort of questions can Teacher Tapp ask?

The app asks multiple choice questions (either single for multiple responses) and we are able to provide sophisticated analysis afterwards, which helps get more out of what seem like simple questions.

For example, we can:

  • Work out if teachers and senior leaders feel differently about an issue  – which can explain why teacher feedback for a product is great, but why senior leaders won’t buy it!
  • Identify regions, or school types, with the greatest need for a product or service – our analysis can break down responses by region, school FSM intake, Ofsted grade, or many other variables
  • Reveal how teachers in different subjects react to an idea, helping you target marketing campaigns more effectively

We can do this because we can ‘cut’ the answer to your questions by all the data we’ve previously collected. We have over a million data points from which we can build a sophisticated picture of needs.

Can Teacher Tapp target questions at one group? For example, just science teachers?

Yes. We are able to send your questions to specific groups only.

What are your prices?

We are similarly priced to other survey organisations in the market and we are able to ask questions within 24 hours (if space is available in the diary), making us much quicker.

Prices are around £1,000 per question although we offer a variety of bundles, discounts, and back catalogue data at much lower prices, so please contact us as we are likely to have something that can work for you.

Want to find out more?

CONTACT US for a free no-commitment quote about how we can help your business learn what teachers think, want, need, and feel.