Anyone can download the app, but unless you work in a school in England you’ll find the questions a little difficult to answer. If you work in an independent school then we are definitely interested in your views and would love feedback if you find that some of the questions don’t work quite so well for you.

The questions are really designed for teachers, rather than teaching assistants or other staff. For now, teachers in early years settings, further education, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the rest of the world won’t find the questions make sense a lot of the time. However, we’d certainly think about trying the experiment in a different setting in the future.

Answering the daily questions isn’t a big commitment – we find it takes between 7 and 15 SECONDS each day. It is designed with busy teachers in mind. Do it while wandering back to the staffroom when school finishes, or while walking to your car, or while sitting on the bus or train, or while waiting for a kettle to boil at home, or while sitting in front of the television.