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Thursday, Jul 25
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How TeacherTapp works

Answer 3 Daily Questions

Each day we ask 3 questions about school life to help build a picture of what's happening in schools.

View Results & Influence Policy

See what everyone else is thinking! We share the results so you learn something new each day.

Ongoing Quick CPD & Monthly Prizes

We give back to those who take part! Recommended daily reads help you be a better teacher PLUS monthly prizes.

What our teachers think…

What is your favourite thing about Teacher Tapp?

Reading the questions
Answering the questions
Seeing the daily results
Reading the daily tip

7695 Responses: 4th October 2021

As a school leader, Teacher Tapp keeps me forever thinking about the reasons behind the things we do.

Primary Head, Surrey

It makes me feel part of something bigger. That’s important in the depth of tough terms, when I can’t see the wood for the trees.

Secondary Teacher, Yorkshire

Great tips and articles everyday are a good reward for 30 seconds of answering questions.

Secondary School, Birmingham

I recommend it to every teacher I know. The daily tips alone are a gold mine!

Secondary Teacher, Lancashire

I love this App. It gives me a few minutes each day to stop and think about my practice and how I want to move forward. It’s so calming and good for my wellbeing.

Secondary Teacher, London

Really reassuring to see other teachers feeling the same way!

Secondary Teacher, Somerset

Quick, easy and thought provoking questions every day that keep important aspects of school life at the forefront of my mind

Primary Teacher, Norfolk

Great app! I love the questions, love the answers and love the blogs. It makes me feel far more connected to the teaching community!

Primary Teacher, London

A combination of staffroom and inset, but only the good bits.

Primary Teacher, Devon

Such a brief, manageable way to feel like you are contributing and connecting with colleagues. Love it!

Primary Teacher, Yorkshire

I love tapping! Lots to learn and a great opportunity to give a voice to our profession.

Primary Teacher, West Midlands

Why join us

Benefits of using TeacherTapp

At Teacher Tapp we share your voice with those shaping the future of education, giving them a true insight into what’s really happening inside our classrooms – so they can make better decisions, for you.

Be Heard With three simple taps a day, your voice can be at the heart of positive change. And all in less time than it takes to make a brew. (52 seconds on average, we counted!)
Be Connected See the bigger picture. We share the previous day’s results with you, so you can see how others in the Tapp community feel too.
Be Informed As a little thank you, we share daily, bitesized CPD reads in the app – it’s a great way to keep learning about teaching, without too much hard work!
Voices of teachers

Education Intelligence

Want to ask a question

Teacher Tapp has already helped dozens of teachers conduct research for their Masters, PGCE, NPQs or other qualifications. It is a unique way to gain access to a panel of thousands of teachers in England, which is weighted to ensure the panel represents the teaching population.


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