Teacher Tapp is an app used by thousands of teachers each day to tell the world about their working lives and learn how to get better at their job by reading our curated daily stream of articles and blog posts. So far teachers have given us three and a half million answers!

But the questions we feed to our general Teacher Tapp panel aren’t quite right for trainee teachers on courses where they are not in school every day. So, we are working with those involved in teacher training at universities and schools to create a set of questions and tips that are perfect for trainees.

Sounds great! How can trainee teachers sign up?

  1. Simply go to the google play or iTunes app store and download the Teacher Tapp app
  2. Open the app and follow the sign-up procedure. No need to type in a school name if you don’t have one. Instead, when it asks whether you have a voucher code, type in #trainee. This is really important because it ensures you get the right questions.
  3. If you are already using Teacher Tapp, you can switch to the #trainee questions by typing the app code in via the menu at the top left of the app.
  4. Make sure the app is somewhere on your phone so that you can see when it has questions for you at 3:30pm every day.
  5. That it! Get answering questions and reading useful articles about teaching and learning.

What sort of questions do you ask the trainees?

We start the year with some general background and opinion questions while everyone gets started on their courses.

Then, each Sunday between October and May half-terms, we ask trainee teachers whether or not they are in school each day over the coming week. This means we can ask questions about your day that reflect the kind of experiences you might have had!

For example, if you are in school that day, we might ask you questions about the success of your teaching, of what went well and what could have gone better, about disruption in class, and the critical question of where you ate your lunch!

Each week, we’ll also try to give trainee teachers a few questions from the main panel too so that you all feel part of the wider Teacher Tapp experiment.

Will the Teacher Tapp data be used by universities for research and course improvement?

We’d like it to be used to help improve course provision and support for trainees in the future. Our terms and conditions say we can’t provide individual-level data, but we are happy to discuss with you how we might provide aggregated data and analysis to help understand your trainee experience better. Obviously we can only do this if a reasonably large number of your trainees are using the app so that they are not individually identifiable.

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