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Badge Changes

20 September 2019

With a new half term upon us, we thought we’d give your badge collection a well-needed spruce up. Don’t worry, we’ve kept all your awesome achievements intact – there’s just a few more new badges you can use to show them off!

Key Metrics

At the top of your badge collection are 6 badges that give you your key metrics.

  • Questions answered
    a count of questions answered since January 2019
  • Current streak and Longest streak
    how many consecutive days have you used Teacher Tapp
  • Tips read
    Total number of tips read since January 2019
  • Days on app
    How long have you been using Teacher Tapp
  • Rolling average questions
    A rolling average of questions answered over the last 90 days.

Streak badge

We love rewarding our Tappers for consistent use and so we’ve improved things to make it easier for you to see when you’ve hit a certain streak. You now earn a badge after a 10 day streak, and then a new badge each time you level up – to 30, 60, or 100 days and beyond. This means there will be more streak badges in total for you to collect! How far will you get?

You’ll still have the same three stars on the streak badges, but they mean something slightly different. Instead of corresponding to the streak milestone reached (e.g. 30, 60), they now represent how many times you’ve hit that streak. So once you’ve earned a 10 day streak badge, you will then earn an additional three stars for each time you repeat this same streak. This means you can see how many times you’ve reached each streak (up to a maximum of four times).


This counts each day you tap to view our tip of the day. The badges are for mile stones reached starting with 25 tips.

Of course you might not actually read it – but that’s on you…

Questions Answered

Even if you don’t answer every day and don’t have the perfect streak, it’s good to see how many questions you’ve answered on Teacher Tapp.

And don’t forget, if you show us your badge collection in person we have a real life badge for you to claim based on how many questions you’ve answered.

Teacher Tapp Anniversaries

Some of you have been with us from the very beginning, and so we thought we should celebrate that fact with you. So have a Teacher Tapp birthday badge on us!

Special Badges

Some of you have reached the lofty status of Teacher Tapp Hero, joined us at our first Teacher Tapp Hackathon or requested promotional materials to share at your school. So there’ll be some new extra badges for those of you who’ve participated in such special events.

What’s missing?

We’ve removed the 95% attendance badge that we ran with our promotion of John Catt Book vouchers. The vouchers will be returning but we’re having another think about how to award them out.

Your suggestions

Want to see other badges from us? At our recent Hackathon the suggestion was madge that we should display your ranking within fellow Teacher Tappers – we’re still pondering that one. Write to us at or via the Feedback button in the top left menu of the app.