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Collecting Badges

28 January 2019

At Teacher Tapp towers we love collecting. Laura is a philatelist, Becky hoards data on schools, and Alex used to collect New Scientist, Empire and various computing magazines (some from the 1980s) until he recently decided they no longer “sparked joy”.

We thought you might like to start a collection of your own on the Teacher Tapp app. So we’ve introduced a badge collection on your tips page.

Streak badge

Each day you use Teacher Tapp helps us gain a more consistent insight into what teachers think. (Becky has written about this here). So our first badge is a reward for consistent use. If you’ve answered 10 or more question sets in a row and you’re a verified user you should have already received this badge.

After streak of 30 days in a row your badge will level up. And it will again at various intervals afterwards. How far will you get?


New! Tip Reader badge

Many of our users click to read our daily tips. It’s time to reward you all. If you click a tip to read it we’ll keep a count and reward you when you’ve clicked on 25, 50, 100 and 150 tips. Make sure you read them though too! We might decide to test you.




You also receive a badge when you verify your account and when you use the app regularly enough to meet our Teacher Tapp attendance level.

What other badges would you like to see? Write to us at or via the Feedback button in the top left menu of the app.