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Latest update of Teacher Tapp

18 June 2019

Hooray!! The latest update (Version 2.3.1) to Teacher Tapp has been released ?. We’re still a very small team at Teacher Tapp (until recently just 3½ people!) and have been working hard to put together something new for you and fix those pesky glitches. The development team is growing so we hope to bringing you more exciting things very soon.

Latest patches

27th June 2019 – Version 2.3.1

  • Refresh app
    We’ve made it simpler to refresh the app if it doesn’t load due to no connection to Teacher Tapp Towers.

New features in Version 2.3

  • Home page
    Firstly we’ve refocused the app in order to enable you to more easily see the tips and access new features as we bring them out. This does mean, however, that instead of seeing the results from yesterday as soon as you’ve answered the questions, we take you straight to the tips and badges. You can still access the previous results straight away by clicking the See Yesterdays Results button.
  • Compare my results
    Exciting new feature where you are able to check the results for users Like Me and users Near Me. This will show you how teachers who are similar to you by phase, seniority and years of experience, or who teach in 200 or so schools nearest you answered the question. Note if the sample size isn’t large enough for you we won’t give you the option that day. You can expect to see this rolled out gradually to you over the next few weeks so we can make sure we don’t break Teacher Tapp Towers while crunching all those numbers.
  • Improved Badge System
    We’ve spruced up the badges a little bit and have made some changes behind the scenes so that badges can be linked to actions you take more easily. We will be rolling out new badges more regularly.

Bug fixes in Version 2.3

  • Notifications
    This little problem has been causing issues for a while now and we think we’ve finally got to the bottom of it. We don’t yet use push notifications because we’re sending you a message at the same time each day – so we set a schedule. However some Android phones were not setting future notifications correctly – but only after they’d restarted (perhaps your battery had ran out). Here’s the difficult bit – they failed to set the notification for subsequent days after a phone restart which is why it seemed to be happening randomly. This bug has been fixed so the issue should no longer happen. If you’re still having problems with notification after a few days of using the new version – please do get in touch.
  • Missing streaks
    Occasionally the response you send to Teacher Tapp doesn’t get recorded. This could happen if the app was closed quickly after submitting or you chose to view the tips straight away or if you’ve got poor internet connection. We’ve changed this so that when you submit the answers we don’t move you to the next page until the app is sure the answers have been submitted.

In the pipeline

  • Win back streak!
    A much requested feature! We’re going to make it possible for you to answer yesterday’s questions in order to win back your streak if you missed them. You should see this feature well before the end of the summer term.
  • Extra tips and quizzes
    Be on the look out for more tips and things to read and perhaps some questions on them as well over the summer holidays.

Thank you so much for using Teacher Tapp – it’s so exciting to see you all using it.