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Latest release of Teacher Tapp

15 August 2019

Hooray!! The latest update (Version 2.4.3) to Teacher Tapp has been released.

Update 2.4.3 released on iOS and Android

10th February 2020

  • Improved verification process – enables account verification directly from the app menu if emailed codes are delayed
  • Reset User – we’ve sped up the process by which we can reset your app
  • Note: Every time your account is reset or if you sign in after clearing the cache or installing on a new device you will always be asked to re verify your email address. You can’t access previous answers or settings until you do.
  • Extra questions – we can now give bespoke extra questions for you to answer
  • International sign-in changes for our Teacher Tapp Ghana panel.

New features in Version 2.4

September 2019

  • Win back streak!
    Have you missed a day on Teacher Tapp because you went on a 24 hour potholing expedition? If so you might be worried about losing that huge streak you’ve built up. Well worry no more. If you’ve missed a day we’ll let you know and you can go and answer yesterday’s questions to maintain your streak. This isn’t available every time – you’ve got to have at least a streak of 10 and have not used reclaim your streak in the last 10 days, but if your large streak is at risk because you’ve forgotten to tapp at least the pressure is off.
  • Improved Signup and verification
    In preparation for the new academic year in the UK we’ve updated our signup pages for new users.
  • Teacher Tapp Time
    In order to enable Teacher Tapp International users to use the app we need to introduce some conditions to when questions are available. From version 2.4 new questions will only become available after 3:30 pm UK time but your window to answer them will start at 3:30 pm in your local timezone and they will remain open to you for 24 hours. This is a subtle change for users in the UK but one that will allow us to run Teacher Tapp effectively in more countries.

Bug fixes in Version 2.4

  • Notifications
    We’re updaing our notification code again to try to resolve some more notification problems including one with the new version of iOS 13.
    If you are experiencing problems with Teacher Tapp notifications please check out the troubleshooting instructions here.

In the pipeline

  • We’re still working on enabling tip sharing and some other new features for your daily read as well as improvements to the verification process.

Thank you so much for using Teacher Tapp – it’s great to see you all using it.