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How YOU helped Teacher Tapp make a difference in 2023

19 December 2023

Why do 10,500 teachers answer questions on Teacher Tapp every day? We get asked this a lot. And the answer – beyond the fact people like to see the answers and get the daily read – is that the data helps to make a difference.

So how have we done that in 2023? In total we have:

We have also:

  • Sent out over £15,000 worth of books and prizes to lucky tappers!
  • Won a global edtech competition
  • Introduced the ability to save Daily Reads in the app🤘

Give us more! Give us more! Want more on the successes of this year? Here you go…


In January, the PM announced an ‘ambition’ to have all young people study maths in some form to 18 so we sent a 6-point summary of your thoughts on the plan to Number 10 (see the full list of responses here).

Maths to 18 policy responses

In addition, Teacher Tapp co-founder and CEO, Laura McInerney featured on LBC talking about school funding and Teacher Tapp data was included in Schools Week, TES, Conservative Home, The HeadTeacher, The Guardian, Nursery World, The Express, and iNews.


The first wave of school strikes took place in February and Teacher Tapp played an important role in making sure your voices were heard and the proportion of striking teachers was accurately reported.

Did you spot Teacher Tapp on the front page of The Times or The Evening Standard? Or maybe you saw Teacher Tapp’s Laura McInerney on Newsnight (worth a watch for the comedy of Lord Baker’s endlessly ringing phone!)

The Times front page


In March, Teacher Tapp was mentioned in a range of media from nationals to niche!

Data on strikes was included in the Evening Standard (again) and The AI Educator (Dan Fitzpatrick) was the one of the first people to write about how teachers are using ChatGPT, citing Teacher Tapp data. An article in Schools Week also highlighted how surveys like Teacher Tapp can positively contribute to teacher wellbeing – you heard it here first 😜

Survey apps – previously seen as adding to teacher workloads, have become a crucial part in making sure teachers are heard. Platforms such as Teacher Tapp, allow educators to respond each day to issues that are shaping the future of teaching. From questions about learning programs, teacher wellbeing, wages, education policy and a whole host of other insights, teachers can share their opinions directly, providing decision makers with a clear picture of what’s happening in U.K schools.

Compass Education, for SchoolsWeek


A huge milestone was achieved in April: for the first time ever Teacher Tapp had 10,000 responses in one day🥳

10,000 tappers celebration

There was also lots of media coverage as strikes rumbled on, with Teacher Tapp CEO Laura McInerney sharing findings with the BBC, LBC, and Vanessa, amongst others.


In May Teacher Tapp data was used in a BBC Radio 4 documentary. File on 4 investigated claims that children are being taught graphic and age-inappropriate material as part of their Relationship and Sex Education.

File on 4

Also in May, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan pointed out in a letter to unions that more Teacher Tappers said they’d vote for her proposed pay deal if it was fully funded. It was good to see her taking account of your views. The only issue was that she seems to believe the deal was fully funded, whereas the unions (and many of you) felt differently. 


In June, we published our latest research into teacher recruitment. In partnership with SchoolDash and The Gatsby Foundation. The report was covered by both Schools Week and TES (£).

Recruitement and retention


Throughought July, the Teacher Tapp team were out and about at our biggest ever year of conferences.

Did you see us on the road?

Summer conferences


It may have been the summer holidays, but YOU kept Tapping, and WE kept telling everyone what you were saying!

Laura McInerney, was interviewed on LBC (again) about the teacher pay settlement and on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme about new Teacher Tapp school uniform findings .

Radio 4 link

Also in August, The Lionesses competeted in the World Cup final. They may not have won 😥 but 46% of primary teachers told us they’d seen girls playing football in the playground; a 12 percentage point increase on the previous year. The increase was included in various news stories, such as this one in the iNews. And the DfE even tweeted about it!

DfE tweet


In September, we introduced the ability to save the Teacher Tapp Daily Reads.

So far, over 20,000 articles have been saved.

Daily read saving instructions

Also in September, we were delighted to announce that Teacher Tapp was a winner in the 2023 Learning Tools Competition! The competition is one of the largest edtech competitions in the world and is highly competitive: over 1,000 teams from around the world entered, and Teacher Tapp is 1 of only 10 companies to receive the top award. Here’s Laura explaining more:


Thank YOU! This wouldn’t have been possible without you 💚 A word from our co-founder, Laura McInerney, on what you’ve helped us achieve… 🔊 #education #teacherdevelopment #teachertok #teachers #schoolsurveys #ukteacher #edutok

♬ original sound – Teacher Tapp


In October, the government announced it was going going to “ban” phones in schools. Which is to say, the government planed to issue non-statutory guidance to recommend heads ban phones.

Teacher Tapp CEO Laura McInerney took to the airwaves to share the facts. In a whirlwind media tour, she was on The Today Programme, LBC, Talk TV, AND Times Radio all in one day!

The data was also featured in Schools WeekTES(£), and was discussed by education influencer Mr P ICT.


In today’s education news…

♬ Storytelling – Adriel


In November, Teacher Tapp Co-Founder Becky Allen gave evidence to the Education Select Committee on the critical issue of teacher retention. Her testimony incorporated the perspectives of YOU… our 10,000 Teacher Tappers! 

The weekly blog highlighted the data that Becky shared with Members of Parliament, using your valuable data points, including new results that show how few school leaders are aware of the DfE workload reduction initiatives. Here she is making one of the key points about how tricky it is to measure teacher workload:


🔊 WATCH our co-founder Professor Becky Allen give evidence at the Commons Education Select Committee. Over the past five years, we’ve collected thousands of data points on teacher’s views around recruitment and retention. Last time we asked, only 59% of you said you expect to be a teacher in three years’ time. 🔻 This is down from a stable figure of 75% pre-pandemic. Over 60% teachers report experiencing burnout during the term, with a slight recent uptick in those feeling profoundly burnt out 🪫 Approximately 10% feel completely overwhelmed, questioning their ability to continue in the profession. Read our findings in more detail via the link in our bio. #education #educationuk #educationselectcommittee #parliament #dfe #departmentofeducation #ukteachers #teacherretention #teacherrecruitment #teacherworkload #teachertappchat #teachertapptime

♬ original sound – Teacher Tapp


You’re still making an impact by answering Teacher Tapp questions in December!

We couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you for Tapping through 2023, and keep your eyes peeled for big Teacher Tapp developments in 2024 👀

And finally…

If you’re looking for the list of daily reads for the week, you can find them here