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Shhh ?... Silent Corridors Are In Vogue

9 October 2017

After a school hit the headlines for having super-strict behaviour guidelines we decided to test if their policies were unusual, including silent corridors.

Even the most unusual policy – making pupils walk silently in corridors – is reportedly used in the schools where 8% of Teacher Tapp panelists work.

Also, two-thirds of respondents said their schools used at least one of the strictest behaviour policies.
This suggests that such policies are not quite as rare as commentators on social media thought. (What, me? Never! Ok, I mean me…)

That said, we appreciate our sample of 1,000 users may be unusual. For example, some schools have signed up all of their teachers while others don’t know we exist.

In the background, we are starting to examine how representative our sample is. On some important factors, Tappsters are looking more representative than we expected! In other areas, we know we will need to work on re-weighting our sample. We will be revealing more on this soon. Stay tuned!


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