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Survey Nerding: How The WORDS In Survey Questions Really Matter

4 December 2017

How we phrase questions on Teacher Tapp really matters and is something we are doing little experiments on so we can figure out when quirks happen and are honest about them.

For example, this week we asked two questions focused on the same issue.

A whopping 96% of you either agreed or strongly agreed that you had ‘more to learn as a teacher’.

But only a third agreed or strongly agreed that you had weaknesses in your instruction.

And 89 of the panellists who strongly agreed you had more to learn as a teacher also disagreed you had any weakness in your instruction!

So what do you have left to learn?! We look forward to finding out!

We did a second cheeky experiment too!

First, we asked Teacher Tappers if they thought Ofsted acts as a “reliable and trusted arbiter” – (ok, we accidentally wrote ‘artiber’, but you knew what we meant ?).

Only 16% of teachers even agreed that Ofsted is “reliable and trusted” at judging standards. That’s a really low score!

Yet when we asked if you users agreed with the Ofsted rating of their own school, the picture switched around! ?

Although only 16% of teachers think Ofsted is reliable and trustworthy, a stonking 57% trust the grade for their own school! What’s going on? ?

This reminds of the old NHS statistics, in which people would routinely say the service overall was rubbish but their personal experiences were always rated very highly. Could it be that an overall delusion about Ofsted’s competence has been created?


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