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Teacher Tapp Wellbeing Research

Over the next 12 months, Teacher Tapp is running a series of experiments to learn how teachers on our app respond to receiving specific messages and daily reads that are designed to support wellbeing. This post tells you a little more about why we are doing this, and what you should do if you’d prefer not to take part.

Last summer, Teacher Tapp won the global “Learning Engineering Tools Competition”. Winning gave us the funding to run research initiatives to better support and understand the teachers who use our app. Most of these new initiatives are being launched as randomised experiments, so only some of you will ever see the different things are trying out. For example, before Christmas, about 1-in-4 of you were invited to share a rewarding or enjoyable moment from your week at school.

In 2024, we are introducing some experiments that will give information and support to a randomised sample of those who have reported lower levels of wellbeing via questions on the app. For example, we’ll be sending details of support organisations who can give advice to teachers who might need it.

Because the messages are designed to potentially alter your wellbeing, we need to give teachers an opportunity to opt out of seeing these messages should they wish to do so. Everyone on the app will be given a question asking if you’d like to be included, or if you’d rather skip out on these interventions.

If you initially opt-into this research, but later decide you no longer wish to participate, then simply send us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ within Settings on your app, and we will ensure you are removed from the research study.

In time, we will also write more about our findings and share useful insights for decision-makers, as we usually do.