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The teachers working in schools before my alarm goes off

20 September 2017

When my alarm goes off at 7am, 11% of our Teacher Tapp panel are already at work. And most of those are pretty unhappy with the hours they are working. By the time offices are filling up across the country, the teacher’s working day has long since begun.

We don’t know why some teachers get to school so early:

  • perhaps they are early birds who enjoying working early
  • maybe they need to commute early to ensure a reliable journey each day
  • they may not be able to work late after school due to other commitments

We don’t know, yet, but the beauty of you answering our questions every day is that we can ask you in the future!

And, because we’ve started to learn quite a bit about you and your school setting, we can see that you early risers are more likely to be in London or the North East; are most likely to be about 5-10 years into your jobs; and are as likely to be working in a primary as a secondary school.

We want to understand what your working weeks are like through the year. This is impossible to learn through one-off surveys such as the government’s workload diary so we will be coming back to ask you about it in future.

In the meantime, we worry the most about the 16% of you who reported you often have difficulty sleeping and you are unhappy with the hours you work.

If we can learn more about how your working environment is contributing to this situation, through some of our other questions, then perhaps we can start talking about how to make the job more manageable for some of you.


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