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The Joy of Colleague Interactions in Schools

In education, while the focus often lies on student-teacher interactions, the camaraderie and support among colleagues is an equally vital part of a teacher’s life. Today, I am using responses from other Teacher Tapp teachers to shed light on this lesser-discussed aspect of teaching – the joy found in the bonds we share with our fellow teachers.

Supporting Each Other

The solidarity of getting through challenges together, particularly with difficult children, is a unique kind of camaraderie. After school, a teacher describes the joy she felt when a teaching assistant ended their conversation by saying, “I’m so proud to work for you. Thank you. I have always felt supported.”

In times of difficulty, the support from colleagues is invaluable. “Helping a colleague overcome an issue,” or “supporting a colleague having a tough time,” are examples of the empathetic and caring environment that educators create for each other. These acts of kindness and understanding are the bedrock of a supportive work environment.

The Simple Joys

Laughter and light-hearted moments are treasured in the teaching profession. “I can’t remember why, but one of my best friends and I were in hysterics laughing at something. Small moments of joy,” reflects a teacher. These instances of shared laughter forge bonds that go beyond the professional realm.

Learning and Growing Together

Professional development and learning are not solitary journeys in education. Many teachers mentioned CPD to us that leading a CPD session was a highlight of their week. It is an opportunity for shared growth and development, enhancing not just individual skills but also collective expertise.

Mentoring and supporting each other is a source of immense satisfaction. “A coaching conversation with a junior member of staff who has recently made great progress,” shared a teacher, highlights the fulfilment found in aiding the professional growth of colleagues.

Celebratory Moments

Recognitions, both big and small, play a significant role in a teacher’s life. “A simple thank you from the headteacher,” or “a thank you for all my hard work from the chair of governors,” are moments that resonate deeply, reminding teachers of the value and impact of their work.

The feeling of being valued and seen is a common thread among teachers. One teacher mentions, “Having great lesson feedback from SLT made me feel appreciated.” Such moments of recognition are crucial in a profession that demands so much.


These stories and experiences shared by teachers highlight the value of these colleague relationships. The teaching profession isn’t just about imparting knowledge to students; it’s equally about the relationships, support, and shared joys among colleagues. Try to take a moment next week to share a joyful experience with a colleague.