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The Teacher Tapp CPD Canon

29 February 2020

Since 2018 we have been providing winners of Teacher Tapp competitions with a CPD library for their school. Each library consists of 20 books deemed to be part of the ‘Teacher Tapp CPD Canon’ – the reads that we think will help teachers get better at their work.

We also work with the brilliant folks at John Catt Publishing to provide thousands of vouchers to Teacher Tapp users. From there we have been able to see which books are most beloved of Teacher Tappers and so we have created a Teacher Tapp CPD Canon using that list.

From now on, if you win a prize via Teacher Tapp you will receive the following. Enjoy!

1. A Quiet Education: Challenging the extrovert ideal in our schools – Jamie Thom

2. Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain: Sequences and behaviour to enable mathematical thinking in the classroom – Craig Barton

3. Be More Toddler – Emma Turner

4. A Compendium Of Mathematical Methods – Jo Morgan

5. Retrieval Practice – Kate Jones

6. Leaders With Substance – Matthew Evans

7. Teaching for Mastery – Mark McCourt

8.The Compassionate Teacher – Andy Sammons

9. How To Teach English Literature: Overcoming Cultural Poverty – Jennifer Webb

10.Dual Coding With Teachers – Oliver Caviglioli

11. Rosenshine’s Principles in Action – Tom Sherrington

12. The Thinking School – Kulvarn Atwal

13. Leadership Matters 3.0: How leaders at all levels can create great schools – Andy Buck

14. Wholesome Leadership: The Heart, Head, Hands & Health of School Leaders – Tom Rees

15. Thinking Reading: What every secondary teacher needs to know about reading – Diane and James Murphy

16. An Educator’s Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools – James Hollinsley

17. Other People’s Children: What happens to those in the bottom 50% academically? – Barnaby Lenon

18. The Learning Rainforest: Great Teaching in Real Classroom – Tom Sherrington

19. What Does This Look Like In The Classroom? – Carl Hendrick & Robin Macpherson

20. Connect The Dots: The Collective Power of Relationships, Memory and Mindset in the Classroom – Tricia Taylor