Should first aid training be incorporated in the school curriculum? Plus, two other exciting findings...

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1. Should first aid training be incorporated in the school curriculum?

First aid is a general term that refers to the immediate medical assistance given to a person in the event an accident, injury or illness. First aid provides sustenance to the indisposed party before the person receives treatment or is attended to by a medical expert.
Dealing with health issues in schools has always been top priority for teachers and parents alike. This week, per our survey conducted, we realized that most Ghanaian teachers are in support of an incorporation of first aid training in the school curriculum.
The training will provide teachers and students with the requisite knowledge and technical know-how needed to handle health related incidents that might occur in schools.  The GES as well as other partners, especially health related ones, such as the Ghana Health Service and the Ghana Red Cross Society will be key players in helping to achieve this feat.

2. Do students who engage in extracurricular activities have a better general performance rate?

Extracurricular activities are activities that students can engage in as a means to learn or polish a skill, hobby or talent. These activities are designed to highlight the strengths of students and also provide an avenue for them to harness their power.
When we conducted our research this week, we realized that teachers saw an improvement in the general performance of their students who engaged in a school club as part of undertaking an extracurricular activity. It is therefore very important that students are encouraged to find and join a school club so that they will be able to sharpen their mental and social skills.

3. Should schools be assigned designated health practitioner?

In dealing with health-related issues in schools, the availability of an assigned health practitioner is key. However, that is not the case in most Ghanaian schools per our research conducted. While some schools are privileged to have this luxury, many others do not.

This we believe is a wake-up call to educational stakeholders in Ghana in the focus of health and health delivery in Ghanaian schools. In order to reduce casualties and readily attend to the health needs of students, schools will need to be provided with assigned health practitioners who will address the health concerns of students and teachers alike. 

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