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Should we keep the phonics check? And which subjects won at advanced info?!
Has the use of VAK (learning styles) changed in classrooms since 2018? (This, and other findings...)
How many hours MUST teachers work for education to be excellent? (This, and other findings...)
Did teachers get yelled at by parents more often during the pandemic? (This week's findings...)
Should PE be as important as English and Maths? And what is the cost of living for teachers? (This, and more...)
What are teachers' must-have items at the start of term? (This, and other findings...)
Did Omicron ruin Christmas for teachers? (this, and other findings...)
Return of the masks! Plus the nativity index, 'tired' teachers and more findings...
Curriculum intent, social media regulation and the Teacher Tapp upgrade!
TikTok postings and teachers' stress - this, and more...
What do you think of your school's behaviour policy? This, and more...
Classroom displays - do you love them or loathe them? This, and more...