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Every day we survey 8,000 teachers to build a picture of what is really happening on the ground in schools. Our data will help you find out what schools really need to make their working environment better and more productive for pupils.

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Our Services

Teacher Tapp provides valuable insights for businesses and researchers seeking to understand which products and services teachers want and need. You can find out:

  • How school leaders choose products and what budgets they have
  • What products school leaders like (and don’t like!)
  • Who the decision-makers are in schools
  • What decision-makers are looking for and how you can help them!

Every day at 3.30pm, Teacher Tapp pings its members (teaching staff) a short education survey which they complete on their mobile phones in minutes. This produces a bank of rich, up-to-the-minute data on the daily lives of teaching staff which can prove invaluable to businesses who are researching and marketing products.

There are three options for businesses and researchers who want to be better understand or communicate with teachers: Commissioned surveys & questions, back-catalogue data & education insight reports, and targeted advertising. 

Commissioned Surveys & Questions

Commissioned Surveys
& Questions

Just let us know what you’re looking to find out, and our education experts will help you to craft a set of questions that will help you get the insights you need.

We’ll schedule the question for when you want it to be asked, then send it out to our 8,000 daily users. 

We’ll then gather and analyse your data, producing a clear and concise report of our findings.

Back Catalogue Data &
Education insights reports

Businesses can purchase the results of any question from our back catalogue of data from over 1,800 questions. This includes demographic breakdowns by type of school and staff. Volume discounts and special packages are available!

You can choose to receive a summary of data and conduct your own analysis or commission us to produce a comprehensive education insight report.

Sponsored Content to teachers

Sponsored Content
to teachers

We have space each day for an in-app advert.We have seen click rates of up to 35% where the ad is relevant and well-written, which is much higher than clickthroughs on other channels.

 Our expert team will work with you to create an effective ad which can be shown to all 8,000 daily users or a target group. We can also target ads based on users’ prior answers, ensuring that click-throughs are likely to be warm leads. We set maximum costs for each campaign so you can manage your budget effectively.

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About Us

We created Teacher Tapp with a simple mission: to give teachers a voice and to help people learn about teachers’ lives. Every day we survey more than 8,000 teachers to build a picture of what is really happening in schools. Teacher Tapp works with businesses, charities and researchers from across several sectors, helping them to gain the information they need to develop products and services that meet the needs of schools. We employ statistical techniques to ensure our data is representative and accurate.

The Teacher Tapp Co-founders, Professor Becky Allen and Laura McInerney, are former teachers who believe that understanding teachers’ lives will help schools to retain staff and reduce the number of people leaving the profession. Becky is England’s top education data expert, and Laura is the former editor of the newspaper, Schools Week. They developed Teacher Tapp with Alex Weatherall, a former physics teacher, who built and continues to develop the app. Together, the team offer years of experience in the education sector and they are committed to providing custom solutions for businesses, researchers and policymakers seeking to collect the data they need to effect positive change in the education sector.

If you don’t see an option that quite meets your needs, please get in touch. We are able to create customised questions, customised targeted advertising and bespoke bundles to meet your needs and budget. We understand that every business has unique research needs and we are committed to finding the perfect solution for you.

Meet the team

picture of LAURA MCINERNEY CEO of Teacher Tapp

Laura McInerney

Chief Executive OfficeR

As Chief Executive Officer at Teacher Tapp, Laura is out and about every day talking to teachers and to potential clients about how we can work together. She is very well-known in the education world as a former teacher and Editor of Schools Week. Luckily for us, she started out in life as a management consultant so is brushing up on her rusty business skills!

Picture of BECKY ALLEN chief analyst at Teacher Tapp

Becky Allen

Chief Analyst

Becky spends her days developing questions and analytical routines for teachers and clients. Another former teacher, she has recently escaped from a 15-year career in academia, most recently as a Professor of Education at UCL Institute of Education. The things she learnt in her early twenties in investment banking are helping to ensure Teacher Tapp doesn’t run out of money!

Picture of ALEX WEATHERALL CTO at Teacher Tapp

Alex Weatherall

Chief Technology OfficeR

Alex is, technically, the one who really makes Teacher Tapp work each day. He builds our data infrastructure, our web interfaces and supports app development (which has been done by our friends at Imactivate). A software programmer in his early career, he recently gave up his job as a secondary school physics and computing teacher to work on Teacher Tapp full-time.