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Every day we survey 3,500 teachers to build a picture of what is really happening on the ground in schools. Our data will help you find out what schools really need to make their working environment better and more productive for pupils.

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What Are Comissioned
Surveys and Questions?

Whether you’re a researcher, business or policy specialist, Teacher Tapp can provide you with the data you need through its survey questionnaires for teachers.

 Gain valuable insights into teachers’ daily lives by asking them questions via the app and receive top-level results within twenty-four hours. Teachers are polled on a range of education survey questions every day at 3.30pm. Within forty-eight hours of the commission survey closing, we will provide you with an exclusive and bespoke analysis of the data which you can use to achieve your research and business goals.

Researchers love Teacher Tapp as it enables them to collect rich and current survey data. This data helps them to identify salient research projects, gather data for existing projects and to recruit teachers for new research. Data is collected directly from teachers working in schools today, so findings are honest, unfiltered and up-to-date.

Businesses seeking to understand which products and services teachers want and need can find highly valuable insights through Teacher Tapp. Find out how school leaders choose their products, what they like (and don’t like) about them and what size of budget they are working with.

Policy specialists use the app to refine and boost their advocacy position by gathering valuable teacher opinions and insights.

Whatever your requirements, Teacher Tapp is a fantastic research tool, delivering precise, up-to-date results within hours. All our questions are multiple choice, enabling us to conduct sophisticated analysis which we share with you. There are some ground rules, but most businesses will be eligible to ask a question. You can even specify a particular target group to pitch the question to, such as senior leaders or science teachers. We are simple with our pricing (our most expensive questions are £1,000) and we seek to find the most cost-effective option for you. Please do get in touch with us to discuss your needs as we offer a variety of bundles, discounts and back catalogue data at much lower prices. 

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How Comissioned Surveys
and Questions Work

Question Design

If you commission a question, you will receive a thirty-minute consultation call with one of our expert advisors. They will work with you to understand your objectives, identify if we already hold the data you need in our back catalogue and help you to craft a question that ensures we gather the data you need. We can also create questions that target a subset of participants to provide you with data on specialised subjects.

24-Hour Survey

Questions are scheduled to go out every weekday at 3.30pm and teachers are given twenty-four hours to respond, although many answer in the first hour! We currently have over 3,500 teachers answering questions each day. The twenty-four-hour window for responses ensures that we gather up-to-the-minute data. It also allows teachers to benefit from ongoing free CPD as they gain almost immediate insight into how their experience and opinions compare to others.

Analysis Within Hours

As soon as the poll closes top-level results will be available on the app. Within forty-eight hours (often much sooner!) you will receive an exclusive, bespoke analysis of the data relating to your commissioned question. You will be able to view the data across numerous cross tabs or demographics. Each teacher is given a “weight” according to whether teachers like them are over or under-represented in our sample. This ensures that the results we provide are representative of all teachers in England.