How Does the App Work?

The Teacher Tapp app is free to download, easy to set up and quick to use. Teachers who sign up receive a notification on their phone at 3:30 pm each day, to take part in that day’s short survey. Questions are multiple choice and the poll takes only one or two minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, teachers find out how others answered the questions and receive a daily piece of free CPD, including articles and top tips.

“What did we do before @TeacherTapp?! Fast becoming one of my favourite apps!”

Miss Gunnell

“44 days. I have so much time for @TeacherTapp – the simple idea of saying hey, I know you don’t always have as much time as you’d like to find insightful posts about important educational debates, I’ll give you a link to one if you answer these three questions”.

Ben Ranson

Why Is It Such a Great Tool for Teacher’s CPD?

We understand how busy the school day is and how difficult it is for teachers to find the time for their professional development. The Teacher Tapp app is one of the best apps for teachers’ CPD. Surveys take less than a minute to complete — most participants complete the survey in seven to fifteen seconds! We designed the app with busy teachers in mind. And, afterwards, you get to see the results from thousands of teachers just like you. 

For those with a few more minutes to spare, a blog or article is shared each day with helpful insights to enhance your teaching practice. Because Teacher Tapp surveys are delivered at the same time each day, it makes CPD part of the daily routine. The daily polls are also a great trigger for professional discussions in the staffroom — an invaluable opportunity to learn from and with colleagues.

The app gives teachers a voice. The thousands of teachers who take part in the polls each day are revealing a picture of what’s really going on in schools — what affects teachers’ morale, effectiveness and likelihood to stay in the classroom. By learning about the experiences and opinions of other survey participants, teachers develop a greater awareness of their working conditions and gain insights into current education issues affecting schools.

Who Can Ask Questions in the Teacher Tapp Survey?

We have some ground rules, but most businesses, organisations, researchers or policymakers will be eligible to submit a question. Find out more about how to submit a question here.

Teacher Tapp is available in app stores in the UK (and a small group of northern European countries).

Download the App

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Why Download Teacher Tapp?


It's quick to set up

Anyone can download the app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play. It’s free to download and use. Set up is easy and takes just a few minutes. You’ll be asked a few simple questions —  then you’re all set! Add the app to your homepage, click to allow notifications and you’ll receive a new survey every day at 3:30 pm. There are three daily multiple-choice questions and most people spend less than 15 seconds on each one. We understand how limited and precious your time is!


A Daily Dose of CPD

At the end of each survey, Teacher Tapp sends you a recommended daily read, an article that’s relevant to your classroom practice or new ideas for teaching. All articles are free to access and we tell you how long it takes to read (usually 3-5 minutes). Teacher Tapp therefore makes CPD part of your daily routine. Do it as you walk to your car or on the bus!


Get Your Voice Heard

Laura and Becky are former teachers who created Teacher Tapp to give the profession a voice. Too often, teachers’ opinions are unknown and so are easily ignored. Each day you get to see how thousands of other teachers respond on the app and by doing so we all learn more about how to improve school life. Our results are used by policy makers and businesses creating products to improve what happens in schools and, in the long-term, we believe will improve retention. By spending just one or two minutes a day on Teacher Tapp you can help build this picture of what’s happening in our schools.

Download the App

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