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Welcome to our weekly blog for Teacher Tapp Ghana!

Every Monday we summarise our most surprising and interesting survey findings from the week before. This weekly blog provides an easy way for you to learn about the experiences and opinions of teachers across Ghana.

Please encourage your colleagues to use the Teacher Tapp app to keep engaged with education even when they’re not teaching. Your responses are also a vital data source that GES will be using to help in their decision-making around best policies and approaches to managing the current crisis.

If you’d like to bring more teachers to Teacher Tapp, please share this list with your colleagues and encourage them to use the download links at the bottom of the page. In the mean time, here are this week’s intriguing findings…

Full List of our Weekly Blogs

Week 1 – Teacher Tapp Ghana: Three Fascinating Findings from our First Week!

Week 2 – Are teachers satisfied with their pay? Plus two other fascinating findings!

Week 3 – Absence, Lateness and why Ghana teachers love technology!

Week 4 – Would teachers in Ghana sacrifice salary for technology….?

Week 5 – Why teachers in Ghana need to relax more!

Week 6 – Skills, Stationery and simple facts of life for teachers in Ghana

Week 7 – How do teachers in Ghana feel about the Aptitude Test?

Week 8 – The Secret Problem of Student Behaviour in Ghana Schools

Week 9 – How are teachers preparing for COVID-19?

Week 10 – What are teachers’ biggest concerns about COVID-19?

Week 11 – How are teachers coping with social distancing?

Week 12 – What do teachers in Ghana think about schools in the rest of Africa?

Week 13 – How are teachers in Ghana adapting to teaching online?

Week 14 – How do teachers feel about the Pre-Tertiary Education Bill

Week 15 – How can GES best support students?

Week 16 – Should SHS students do national service?

Week 17 – Should GES provide students with free books during school closures?

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