Teacher Tapp Referrals Programme – Terms and Conditions

*As of Tuesday June 30th, The Teacher Tapp Referrals Programme outlined on this page has been terminated. This is due to technological and administrative barriers to operating the programme which could  have unfairly affected paticipants.

As the programme has been terminated, all terms and conditions on this page are void. Further information will be sent to all programme participants by email within 24 hours of this page being updated. We apologise for any inconvenience caused*

Our Circuit Supervisors referral programme aims to help teachers in Ghana engage with simple technology that can improve their teaching practice. 

Please see the terms and conditions for this referral programme below.

Terms and  Conditions

  1. The promoter and operator of this referral promotion scheme is the Ghana Society for Education Technology, in partnership with Education Intelligence Limited, who are owners of Teacher Tapp.
  2. Participants in the referral scheme, whether as individuals who refers new users or new users who are referred through a current user, do not need to pay any entry fees or make any purchases to participate in the programme
  3. Only selected Teacher Tapp users, invited at the discretion of the Ghana Society for Education Technology are eligible to participate as referrers in the referral process. Eligible users must also be based within Ghana.
  4. Only new users who have not downloaded, used or registered with Teacher Tapp previously are eligible to register as new users with a referee code 
  5. Participants in the referral scheme who successfully refer new users will be eligible for rewards on the basis of the number of successful referrals they complete compared to other participants. 
  6. Once a referral has been dubbed ‘successful’ it can count towards the referrals competition.
  7. Referrals are only considered ‘successful’ if and only if a new user signing up with a given referral code completes full Teacher Tapp registration and answer 40 questions.
  8. The three participants in the referral scheme who produce the largest number of successful referrals will be eligible to receive an Amazon Fire Kindle 7 tablet.
  9. The seven participants who produce the next largest number of successful referrals will receive 20 GB of data for use with their current devices.
  10. All prizes will be delivered to competition winners within a time frame that is practical for the Ghana Society for Education Technology.
  11. All successful referrals need to happen between the competition start date of Friday 26th June and Friday 7th August. Referrals made before or after this period will not count towards this promotional competition.
  12. Only the Teacher Tapp user whose code is invoked on signup and registration by a new user is eligible for rewards associated with that successful referral.
  13. Ghana Society for Education Technology and Education Intelligence Limited takes no responsibility for users being unable to access the app due to issues outside its control, including but not limited to network connectivity, phone malfunctions, or app installation errors.
  14.  Ghana Society for Education Technologgy and Education Intelligence Limited shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions, such change shall be effective immediately upon posting to this webpage.

If you have any further questions about the Referral programme, please do get in touch with us at baz@teachertapp.co.uk

*This document was updated on Tuesday June 30th to reflect that this promotional competition has been terminated. All participants have been contacted by email with further details.