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Supporting Teacher Wellbeing: New Experimental Evidence

Teacher Recruitment
26 June 2024 Iain Ford

Our latest report explores the impact of three wellbeing interventions for teachers in England using the Teacher Tapp app: gratitude journalling, positive affirmation messaging, and providing information about support organisations.

Key Findings:

Gratitude journalling had good engagement across all demographics, with 18% of teachers responding to all four prompts. However, there was no statistically significant difference in wellbeing between the journalling and control groups post-intervention.

Few teachers clicked through to read positive affirmation posts or visit support websites, despite viewing the messages. There were no significant wellbeing differences between intervention and control groups.

While no intervention significantly improved wellbeing, lessons were learnt:

a) Gratitude journalling was popular. A longer daily intervention with opt-in randomisation may show positive effects.

b) Low click-through rates suggest the app’s homepage could be optimised to better display informational content.

The study highlights challenges in influencing teacher wellbeing through light-touch, digital interventions and indicates areas for further research and development.