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Improve staff wellbeing with Teacher Tapp's School Surveys

New course: Improving staff wellbeing with Teacher Tapp School Surveys

25 June 2024

Teacher Tapp’s new cohort-based course will support you to improve staff wellbeing

Teacher Tapp has an unrivalled understanding of wellbeing in schools.

We know that more teachers than ever say they’re burned out – and that teachers increasingly want to quit teaching.

We’ve dug deep into why staff are struggling. We know how much marking, admin, behaviour, pastoral concerns and other factors worries staff – and how this differs between schools.

Finally, we know that there are many success stories: schools where wellbeing is excellent, or improving rapidly.

Our new course shares the keys to improving wellbeing in your school or trust. We’ll look at:

  • What matters most in wellbeing: we’ll share big ideas and unique Teacher Tapp data to explore the big trends
  • What’s influencing wellbeing in your school: we’ll help you pinpoint strengths and concerns in your school
  • How to make and monitor improvements: we’ll support you to identify promising changes, and check whether they’ve worked

Places are limited – sign up now: email

What will I learn?

Each session will include expert input on a key question, followed by the chance to work with a small group of leaders to tackle that question. We’ll cover things like:

  • What drives wellbeing across schools: we’ll look at the trends influencing wellbeing nationally
  • What’s driving wellbeing in your school: we’ll help you gather and make sense of data to identify big issues in your school, and their underlying causes
  • How to improve wellbeing: we’ll support you to select and implement specific changes to improve wellbeing
  • How to measure the impact of your efforts: we’ll help you monitor the impact of the changes you’ve made
The course will help you understand and improve your staff’s day-to-day experience – boosting their wellbeing, attendance and retention.

Why choose this course?

It’s cohort-based. You’ll work with a group of leaders pursuing similar goals. You’ll compare notes, share challenges and plan next steps in a supportive environment.

It’s expert-led. Teacher Tapp has been taking the pulse in schools for six years – we have unparalleled understanding of what really influences staff wellbeing.

It’s tailored to your needs. We’ll offer advice and resources specifically designed to help you make a difference.

You can be certain of an insightful and supportive experience tailored for your needs – and a big impact in your school.

What are the details?

Who’s eligible?

You must be a school (or trust) leader keen to improve wellbeing. The course would particularly suit assistant and deputy heads with responsibility for wellbeing or staff voice. If you’re not sure whether you fit these criteria or want to check your suitability for the course, please get in touch:

What does the course include?

  • Tailor-made surveys: we’ll share wellbeing review surveys, and guide you create surveys which help you understand your staff’s concerns
  • Eight live training sessions: each session includes expert input on key topics, and the chance to work with peers to discuss shared challenges and plan next steps
  • Ongoing bespoke support: we’ll work with you to create surveys and review results whenever you need help

When does it start?

The course begins in September.

Where and when is it?

The course is remote. Webinars will be held 4-5pm on weekdays; we’ll confirm the dates when you sign up.

What’s the cost?

Participation in the course costs just £299 + VAT per person for the year.  Your school will need a School Surveys staff surveys subscription for the year.

How do I find out more, and sign up?

Email Places are limited, we advise you to sign up early.