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New course for new heads brought to you by School Surveys

New School Surveys course: Guiding the Path for New Headteachers

11 June 2024

Teacher Tapp’s new cohort-based course will guide you through the challenges posed by the leap to headship

New heads face many challenges. Some questions keep coming up:

  • There’s so much going on – but how are things really going?
  • There’s so much to do – what should I prioritise?
  • There are so many options – what should my next steps be?

To lead effectively, heads must navigate the array of options and information they encounter. They must make sense of the current situation, avoid blind spots and biases, and identify where best to lay their efforts. Then they need to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t, and course correct to achieve their goals.

Teacher Tapp’s new course is designed to help you navigate these challenges with confidence. We’ll help you gain an accurate understanding of what’s going on in school, using staff, parent and pupil feedback. We’ll help you make sense of the results. And we’ll help you implement changes and monitor their impact effectively.

Places are limited – sign up now by emailing

What will I learn?

Each session will include expert input on a key question, followed by the chance to work with a small group of peers to tackle that question. We’ll cover things like:

  • How to find out what staff, parents and pupils really think: we’ll share the secrets of gauging staff, parent and pupil opinion, and give you model surveys you can use or adapt
  • What to focus on across the school year: we’ll look at the information you need at the start of the year, and the key questions to ask as the year progresses
  • How to analyse and respond to feedback: we’ll see how you can make sense of the data you receive, how to react, and how to communicate responses to your staff
  • How to develop and evaluate school improvement plans: we’ll look at using survey results to inform a plan, monitor progress, and report to governors

The course will help you take the pulse of the school, interpret what that means, and decide what to improve. You’ll have confidence about what’s happening, what to do next, and the impact of your actions.

Why choose this course?

It’s cohort-based. You’ll work with a group of new heads. You’ll have the chance to compare notes, share challenges and gain support, in a safe environment.

It’s expert-led. Teacher Tapp has years’ of experience taking the pulse in schools; the course lead, Harry Fletcher-Wood, has years’ of experience supporting teacher development and school improvement.

It’s tailored to your needs. We’ll offer tailored advice and share surveys directly informed by the needs of new headteachers.

You can be certain of an insightful and supportive experience tailored for your needs – and a huge impact on your work.

What are the details?

Who’s eligible?

Anyone who has become a headteacher since September 2023, or will become a headteacher before December 2024. If you don’t quite match these criteria, but are keen to participate, get in touch:

What does the course include?

  • Tailor-made surveys: our experts will design tailored surveys to tackle key issues at the right time in your new headship
  • Eight live training sessions: each session includes expert input on key topics, and the chance to work with peers to discuss shared challenges and plan next steps
  • Ongoing bespoke support: we’ll work with you to create surveys and review results whenever you need help

When does it start?

The course begins in September.

Where and when is it?

The course is remote. Webinars will be held 4-5pm on weekdays; we’ll confirm the dates when you sign up.

What’s the cost?

Participation in the course costs just £350 + VAT per person for the year.  Your school will need a staff, parent and pupil School Surveys subscription for the year.

How do I find out more, and sign up?

Email Places are limited, we advise you to sign up early.