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How do we get the benchmarked data?

When you receive the reports from your surveys, you will see how your school or trust’s responses match up against ‘Schools Like Yours’.

Teacher benchmarks

The benchmarked data for teachers comes from the panel of 10,000+ teachers using TeacherTapp daily.  We weight this panel’s responses to reflect national demographics in England, who are using the TeacherTapp application. We ensure these are representative by attaching sample weights to ensure our sample mirrors the phase, funding-status, age, gender, job role and regional characteristics of the teacher workforce in England. You can find out more information about how TeacherTapp ensures its data is representative by clicking here.

By default, we benchmark against your school’s phase, free school meals quartile or against other schools providing alternative provision. On request, we can benchmark against the national average for phase. This also applies to trusts, where we benchmark individual schools in the trust against other schools in the same phase and free school meal quartile.

Chart showing the results to a staff wellbeing question with the results for this question being benchmarked against similar schools, and then the results compared across the trust.
Example chart of how we benchmark schools in a trust report, with the black line representing the benchmarks.

You will then be able to see how your school or trust compares to answers from staff in similar schools.

The data is usually split between teachers and support staff, to provide school leaders with clarity when reading the results. On rare occasions, there may not be enough support staff to benchmark against nationally. If less than five responses are from support staff, we will also be unable to split in order to maintain anonymity.

Chart to show the split between the responses from teachers and support staff when answering a question about who they feel appreciated by.
Example of where the data between teachers and support staff for an individual school has been split for clarity.

Parents, students and support staff

The benchmark data for parent and student surveys are obtained differently. We use results from other schools using School Surveys.

Breakdown by year group in a parent survey report.

If we receive 100 or more responses to a pupil or parent survey, we will show a year group breakdown. We will show this against benchmarks for the national average for your phase (primary or secondary) and show benchmarks for the national average for each year group.

If you still need help, please get in touch at or call us on 0330 043 4469 and our team will be more than happy to help.

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