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Sharing pupil and parent surveys

Once your parent or pupil survey is set up, you need to distribute it to your participants. 

Distributing the link

You can copy and paste the link for your survey and send it out to your pupils or parents through whichever communication channel you use at your school.

To do this, first click on the survey you wish to distribute on your portal homepage.

This will then take you to the survey summary.

Simply click on the link in the bottom right hand corner of the page. It will automatically copy the link for you.

Share it with your survey participants. As soon as the survey is open, they can click on the link and start answering questions! 

If you want parents or pupils to complete the survey at an in-person event, you can use a QR code that they can scan using their smartphone camera.

If you still need help, please get in touch at or call us on 0330 043 4469 and our team will be more than happy to help.

Get in touch with us at for more help, advice or to make a suggestion!