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School Surveys Staff Guide

If you are distributing surveys to staff, you are more than welcome to share the following article and pdf with them, to help guide them through the process.

School Surveys is a platform which allows you to make your voice heard. It provides benchmarked survey questions for schools or trusts which then gives you the opportunity to anonymously tell leaders what’s going well at school, and where change is needed. 

The survey is anonymous. We don’t ask for any identifiable information. The only thing we ask is whether you are a teacher or a member of support staff. We don’t ask anything else and there is no way for leaders, or us, to know who you are.

To answer the survey, please follow the directions below. 

1. Click the link which has been sent to you. It will begin with the link:

2. You will then be asked to confirm where you would describe yourself as a teacher or support staff. 

Image to show staff that they will choose between two categories - teachers or support staff - when answering their survey questions.

3. Once confirmed, you will have a series of questions to answer. Tap the next button to move through the questions.

An orange next button directing the staff member to the next question in the survey.

4. You can use the prev button to move back through the previous questions.

A white and orange previous button directing the staff member to the previous question in the survey.

Once you have completed the questions, your answers will be submitted to your school or trust. Your school or trust will receive a benchmarked report with the answers to the survey questions collated.

If you still need help, please get in touch at or call us on 0330 043 4469 and our team will be more than happy to help.

Get in touch with us at for more help, advice or to make a suggestion!