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Every day we survey 9,000 teachers to build a picture of what is really happening on the ground in schools. Our data will help you find out what schools really need to make their working environment better and more productive for pupils.

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There is one space each day for text-only sponsored content or a targeted advertising opportunity on Teacher Tapp. We have seen click rates of up to 35% where the ad is relevant and well-written — making our ads a great opportunity for businesses or charities to secure an exclusive advertising slot which will reach thousands of people in the teaching profession. We are also able to precisely target particular subsets of teachers who might be interested in your product, service or offer.

Our advisors will help you to create an ad that will resonate with our users. The ad will appear on the final “tips” page of the survey, where it will be visible to all 3,600 daily users — or a target group. A Teacher Tapp advisor will review your campaign goals and work with you to develop a strategy that will help you to achieve them.

Our most successful click-through rates are for beta-testing opportunities and content that teachers find really useful, such as tips and hints.

If you’re not sure that targeted advertising will quite meet your needs, you might like to consider Commissioned Surveys & Questions or purchasing Back Catalogue Data & Reports. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your requirements. We can create bespoke packages to meet your business needs and budget. We understand that every business has unique research and marketing needs and we are committed to finding the perfect solution for you. 

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Targeting That Delivers Results

We can target opportunities to the entire Teacher Tapp panel of 3,600 daily users or a specific subsection. We can also target ads based on users’ prior answers. Precisely targeting particular subsets of teachers who might be interested in your offer means that the click-through leads you receive are likely to be responsive to your service or offer.

Free Advice

All clients who book a space for sponsored content or targeted advertising will receive free advice from one of our expert advisors. We will make sure that your advert words and targeting will work for our users and deliver the best results for your business. We set maximum costs for each campaign so you can manage your budget effectively.

Bespoke Packages

Our advisors will spend time gaining an understanding of your business needs and objectives. They will review your campaign and work with you to create the best strategy to achieve your goals. We are always happy to discuss creating a bespoke package that meets your needs and we will provide support at every step of the way.