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Which Teachers Have The Most FREEDOM?

16 October 2017

It is 22 years since Mel Gibson painted his face and made us all cry about the plight of Scotland. But, when it comes to freedom – which schools do the best?

Here’s what we learned:

Point 1: If you want freedom, you’re better off teaching in a private school

Point 2: If you want freedom in the state sector, teach in a Special School or Alternative Provision

No one is likely to be shocked that independent school teachers are more free than state ones. That teachers in alternative provision and special settings feel so liberated is interesting, however. Especially as the two groups have very different Ofsted profiles. Special schools are the most likely to be outstanding. Pupil referral units are the least likely to be outstanding. Freedom may therefore not correlate with performance. But if you are seeking a place with less micro-managed teaching, you know where to look.


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