Teacher Tapp has already helped dozens of teachers conduct research for their Masters, PGCE, NPQs or other qualifications. It is a unique way to gain access to a panel of thousands of teachers in England, which is weighted to ensure the panel represents the teaching population.

You are eligible to submit up to three research questions for consideration if you are a validated Teacher Tapp user. Note that we only ask multiple or single response questions. You can ask for them to be delivered to just primary or secondary teachers.

We don’t give you the raw data back because that would violate our User Terms and Conditions. Instead, we give you your question responses broken down by teacher demographics (sex, age, subject, seniority, experience, etc…) and school demographic (phase, governance, performance, FSM, Ofsted). We’ll provide other things if it isn’t too time-consuming for us.

We cannot guarantee your questions get asked I’m afraid because we need to leave enough space on the app for our own questions. We will commit to giving space to at least four teacher researchers each month to ask questions.

Interested? This is what you need to do:

  1. Plan your proposed questions and responses carefully (we have up to 10 responses, including a ‘cannot answer’ type response) and think about whether you want primary or secondary or all teachers to receive them.
  2. Click on this google form and fill in the details.
  3. Around the 1st day of the month we will let you know whether your questions are going in or not. We reserve the right to adjust your questions slightly – we are VERY experienced at writing questions that it is possible for teachers to answer!!!
  4. If your questions have gone in that month, then you can expect the analysis back by the end of the same month.
  5. If you questions didn’t go in then feel free to revise them and re-submit another time.
Any questions, just email becky@teachertapp.co.uk.