What is The Big Lockdown-Learning Parent Survey?

Is your child learning at home? What about your pupils? We’re all guessing what’s going on in 8 million homes during lockdowns – but we don’t actually know! How can we find out? We ask!

The Education Endowment Foundation, Teacher Tapp and Parent Ping are working together to understand what learning is (or isn’t!) happening in pupils’ homes while they are unable to attend school in the normal way due to Covid-19. Parents will be asked to download the free Parent Ping app and answer a few simple questions each day, in exchange for opportunities to win Chromebooks and vouchers. 

Why is it important to do this?

Only parents know what is happening at home when schools are closed. We need to ask them so that schools, policymakers – all of us! – can understand what happened and what might be done to support pupils when they return to school.

If we don’t ask, and parents don’t understand, we will forever be guessing.

How do schools join in?

To help with this mission, we are asking participating schools to do three things…

  1. Help us recruit parents to the study – we will provide you with the all wording, leaflets, information etc to pass on to parents. 
  2. Remind parents to keep using the app – again we will help you with this by suggesting what you can say and keeping you updated on how many parents at your school are using the app each week (although we won’t be able to tell you which parents). We will be running prize draws to encourage parents to take part, with prizes nationally and prizes just for your school, this should help incentivise parents to join in.
  3. Complete a teacher survey – we’ll need as many of your teachers as possible to complete an email survey or two, but don’t worry we’ll keep it very short!

Headteacher don’t need to arrange this! (We just need their consent). It can be delegated to another member of staff. You could also ask parent groups such as the PTA to help with the parent recruitment and reminders.

What do schools get in return?

First, you get the warm fuzzy feeling of being involved in a great research project (woo!). But once you have 60 parents answering each week in your school, we will send you a weekly report on how parents at your school are responding to our questions compared to parents at other schools in England. You won’t be obliged to do anything with it, but it might be an interesting read.

What type of thing will you be asking?

For the study, we will ask parents things like…

  • What challenges have you faced this week while home-schooling?
  • How long did your child work for in total yesterday?

But because Parent Ping asks questions every day we may also ask parents questions like…

  • Which chores cause the most rows in your household?
  • How much money does the tooth fairy pay for a tooth?

We won’t be reporting these questions back to you, just the ones about home-learning!

Who can participate?

Mainstream primary, infant and junior schools operating in the state sector in England. If you work in another type of school you can still share Parent Ping with your parent community but you are not eligible to participate in this study at this time or receive the school information reports.

I’m interested! What’s the next step?

Please can you fill in this form to tell us that you are interested. You can start recruiting parents straight away by directing them to this link: https://bit.ly/parentping. The sooner you get at least 60 of your parents regularly answering questions, the sooner we can start sharing data with you! We will be in touch next week with more details and more information that you can pass on to parents.