Education research relies on knowing what is going on in schools, and nobody knows better than teachers! Our representative panel of thousands of teachers can help support your research project. If you are a school teacher studying for a Masters or Doctorate we are happy to talk about giving you access to our data. For other users, we make a charge to help support the production of the data. Read on to find out the different ways Teacher Tapp can be used in your research.

Let us help find out whether your research design will work

Before you design or commission research, check whether the project is feasible with a few well-designed questions. With the Teacher Tapp panel, we can help you find out:

  • Whether schools organise themselves or make decisions in a way that is compatible with your research design
  • Whether teachers would be prepared to do the things you’d like them to do as part of your project
  • Whether teachers can recall the type of information you’d like to ask them in a survey or interview

Use Teacher Tapp as part of your research

Our teacher panel is a cost-effective means of collecting survey data from teachers because we hold all school and teacher background information for your use. Response rates are typically around 8,000, though we reach more teachers than this each week. There are three key approaches to using Teacher Tapp as a survey tool:

  • We can deliver multiple choice and multiple response questions to our entire panel, or to any sub-sample of interest to you. You will receive analysis using post-stratification weights, with sub-group analysis for major school-type and teacher-type groups.
  • We would never provide researchers with school identifiers for our panelists’ responses, but if you hold school-level information you wish to combine with our survey, we can conduct the pre-specified analysis for you (subject to ethical considerations).
  • If you have a set of teachers who you would like to survey each day using our app, we can place them on your own unique survey pathway where you can ask your own questions and conduct your own analysis on the data.

Find explanations for your research findings

Have you ever found something unexpected in your own data and wondered why? Teacher Tapp is a great way to conduct a few supplementary questions to test whether any post-hoc explanations you might have developed seem reasonable.

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