Welcome to Teacher Tapp Ghana!

This is a webpage to welcome you to our community and explain how Teacher Tapp will work over the next few weeks. If you have any questions after reading this email, please get in touch with us using contact details at the bottom of this page.

What is Teacher Tapp?

Teacher Tapp started in the UK with a simple mission: to help teachers do their job better. In order to do this we find out about teachers’ lives and their views on education, as well as sharing reading that can help teachers improve their practice.

After success in the UK, we are excited to be bringing Teacher Tapp to Ghana to help teachers across the country share their opinions and access reading that will help them with their jobs. 

What can you expect from your Teacher Tapp app?

Starting from Monday 13th January, you will be sent three questions every day at 3:30pm. Just answer these questions and you will be able to see one of our daily reads which will offer tips and guidance on teaching. 

From Tuesday 14th January, you will also be able to see the results of how teachers in Ghana have responded to questions from the day before. Please note that if you have been using the app before Monday 13th January then any results that you have seen will have been from the UK. This means you might notice a drop in the number of responses as you will now be seeing the results only from Ghana.

Please be aware that Teacher Tapp is currently in an initial testing period in Ghana before launching properly at the end of the January 2020. This means that there may sometimes be technical issues. 

We would really appreciate your support in letting us know about any technical issues. Please also share with us any suggestions, ideas or feedback you have about our questions or tips. We want to make sure these are relevant and useful to you and need your feedback to do so!

What are the benefits of using Teacher Tapp

Our users tell us the main benefits of using Teacher Tapp are: 

  • Learning about the experiences of other teachers in your country
  • Using the daily reading as professional development
  • Getting the opportunity to reflect on your job and profession

We will also be introducing other benefits and rewards schemes into the app to make it even more beneficial to you.


How can I get in contact with feedback?

We want you to let us know your experience of using Teacher Tapp, as well as helping us to come up with helpful questions and reading tips. 

If you’d like to tell us an idea for a question or reading tip, please click here to complete a very short form. 

If you have a technical issue using the app, please click on the main menu in the app and select ‘Give User Feedback’ to alert our technical team to the issue. They will then work to get it fixed for you. 

Any general questions, please contact miracule@vedicmathghana.com .

We’re really excited you’ve decided to join us and look forward to working with you.

Best wishes,
The Teacher Tapp Team