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How Our Data Shows That Teachers Aren’t Always Nice To Each Other

15 November 2017

teachertapp.co.ukteachertapp.co.ukOver at Teacher Tapp we’ve been slowly collecting questions on a phenomenon that social researchers call ‘workplace aggression‘. You’ll probably know it as ‘not being nice to each other‘.

So far we’ve asked five questions and we’ll ask more in the future. Like any workplace, it turns out some of you have had unpleasant experiences at work.

We’ll look in more detail at what sorts of schools this tends to happen at most in the future. For now we”re just comparing primary and secondary sectors for Teacher Tapp panelists who are consistent enough to have answered all five questions. We’ve added up incidence of these events into a scale where a high number means more bad experiences happened to you.

Who comes out worse? Well, at the moment, it is looking like things are slightly worse in primary schools than they are in secondary schools. This fits my prejudices about the joys and perils of the primary school staffroom (having had a mum who was a primary teacher). For many secondary teachers it is much easier to escape unpleasant workplace dynamics. We’ll keep adding data to see how it develops.

And talking of sad things happening… We were upset to see so many teachers worry their heads wouldn’t give them compassionate leave to attend a friend’s funeral. This question was asked by a teacher in direct response to a funeral attendance request being refused, when her teacher friend’s request was approved for exactly the same funeral.



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