What is Teacher Tapp?

It's an app for teachers that buzzes each day at 3:30pm.
Thousands of UK teachers answer three questions that give us daily insights into teachers' lives.

In return, you will get daily insight into what other teachers are thinking.
And we give you a little daily dose of CPD to read.

There are over half a million teachers in the UK, but their opinions are often ignored.
We've created the app to stop this - and we hope you'll join us.

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The finer details
Frequently Asked Questions

Find the nerdy details you are pondering about the app here. Email hello@teachertapp.co.uk if you have any to add. 1.… Read More

The Story of Teacher Tapp

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Our Privacy Policy

Below, we've summarised our privacy policy in plain language, and provided the technical legalistic version.    The easy-read version Teacher… Read More

Who is behind the experiment?
Laura McInerney

Laura is a former teacher and education journalist who currently writes a regular column for The Guardian and for the weekly newspaper Schools Week.

Prof Becky Allen

Becky is a former teacher and data-crunching academic who spends her working week researching teachers and schools at UCL Institute of Education.

Alex Weatherall

Alex is a science teacher with a background in software development. He is half the EdFiles podcast team and technical support for researchED.

Sam Sims

Sam is completing a PhD about teachers at the UCL Institute of Education alongside working at Education Datalab and Institute for Teaching.