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In 2017, two former teachers wondered if having your own classroom made it more likely that you would stay in the profession. To test their hypothesis, Professor Becky Allen and Laura McInerney built ‘Teacher Tapp’, a new survey app that could ask teachers three questions a day and find out what they thought about any topic.

It turned out, they were wrong about owning your classroom. But also, they were right. They were right to ask the question.

Decisions are too often taken in education without asking teachers for their opinions or finding out how it will affect their lives. Becky and Laura wanted to use Teacher Tapp to change that. And so they did!

It's quick, easy and free It's quick, easy and free

Teacher Tapp now has over 8,000 teachers answering research questions each day on the app. It’s quick, easy and free for the teachers taking part. And the data helps make the media, government and education businesses sit up and listen to teachers.

Vision Vision

Our vision is for a world where every decision in education has the voices of those on the ground at the heart of it. By taking part in Teacher Tapp you help make those voices louder and more accurate.

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Meet the team
laura Laura McInerney Chief Executive Officer laura@teachertapp.co.uk
Laura was a teacher in London secondary schools for six years before becoming a journalist. She spent four years editing Schools Week, and is a regular Guardian Education columnist. She started Teacher Tapp with Becky in 2017 as a bit of fun. It soon became clear that it would be so much more.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: Teachers who go to the pub together are more likely to work in outstanding schools. Is it causal? Someone should definitely fund a random control trial to find out.
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becky Becky Allen Chief Analyst becky@teachertapp.co.uk
Becky was a teacher before spending 15 years as an academic studying schools. She spends a day a week as a Professor of Education at University of Brighton. Most of Becky’s career has been spent gathering and analysing education data. She came up with the idea of Teacher Tapp through the frustration of trying to get teachers to answer email surveys!
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: Discussing organisational vision or mission makes me fall asleep, so I was entertained to see that 4-in-10 heads couldn’t state their own school motto or vision!
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karen Karen Wespieser MBE Chief Operations Officer karen@teachertapp.co.uk
Karen is an education researcher and has worked for NFER, CfBT, and the BBC amongst others. She is fascinated by education and in her spare time is a Trustee of Greenshaw Multi Academy Trust & sits on her local school appeals panel. In 2020 Karen was awarded an MBE for services to children with special educational needs.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: The 5 of the most rewarding things about being a teacher. This set of stats show all the wonderful things about the teaching profession!
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nick Nick Kostelnik Interim VP Engineering nick.k@teachertapp.co.uk
Nick started coding when he was young. Over the years he developed a passion for great Engineering. Recently he have begun to study Physics and Artificial Intelligence. Nick spent ten years working in the London startup scene helping investors to develop new technology for early-stage startups. Recently he has been focusing on helping streamline processes, increasing software quality and also infrastructure reliability.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: I’m genuinely thankful that so many people are dedicated to the discovery of information using our platform.
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jack Jack Ashworth Data Analyst jack@teachertapp.co.uk
Jack worked as a process control system engineer during his gap year before studying Computer Science at University. During this time, he developed an interest in building computer generated models as well as tutoring and teaching coding part time. He joined Teacher Tapp in January 2021 looking for a chance to both use and expand his knowledge in both computing and educational fields.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: Language and Arts teachers are more likely (at 17%) to be left-handed than any other discipline with only 9% of Primary teachers sharing the trait.
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samantha Samantha Payne Head of Delivery samantha@teachertapp.co.uk
Samantha has worked with many large retailers developing their customer service and business to business functions. She progressed into a franchising business model, confirming her passion for account management. Looking for an opportunity within the educational world, Samantha joined the team in July 2019.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: It’s fascinating to find out teachers’ attitudes towards issues like Brexit. It’s also interesting who teachers plan to vote for and actually end up voting for!
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scarratt Nick Scarratt Software Engineer nick@teachertapp.co.uk
Nick started out completing a Physics PhD. While blasting polymer cells with laser beams, he developed a love for coding. He then designed scientific measurement equipment and analytical software for use in renewable energy research. With a broad bank of technology skills, he joined Teacher Tapp in February 2020.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: Nearly half of all teachers have technology fail them on any given day! It’s a real problem as schools become more reliant on technology.
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humayraa Humayraa Mulla Junior Software Engineer humayraa@teachertapp.co.uk
Humayraa took up coding as a hobby before deciding to make the move into a career in tech. She studied software development at a coding bootcamp and joined the Teacher Tapp team in October 2020.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: The fact that teachers anticipate pupil behaviour to worsen at different months of the year as well as in different weather conditions is really interesting.
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iain Iain Ford Senior Data & Reporting Analyst
Iain hasn’t left education since he started primary school. After completing his statistics degree in 2016, he spent the majority of the following five years working with education data in the edtech sector. He joined the Teacher Tapp team in July 2021, citing that it combined two of his main interests – data analysis and education!
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: I can’t understand how 1/3 of teachers prefer the chisel tip board marker! My handwriting with one is illegible compared to when I use a bullet marker.
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Sushana Sandal, Community Manager Sushana Sandal Community Manager
Sushana spent seven enjoyable years as a primary teacher. As a child, she spent a lot of time playing ‘teachers’ and accidentally breaking the family computer to see how it worked (sorry parents!). As technology quickly moved on, she became fascinated with the global social media obsession and how powerful these platforms are in developing relationships. So, instead of fixing colleagues’ whiteboards and formatting their documents, she joined the Teacher Tapp team in April 2022.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: All of them because they give teachers a voice!
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harry Harry Fletcher-Wood Head of School Surveys
Harry spent nine years teaching, then got increasingly interested in how teachers could get better at what they do. That question drove seven years of research and training, and three books. More broadly, he’s fascinated by how we can make things better, and the social, psychological and structural changes this requires. He thinks Teacher Tapp is part of the answer – which is what brought him here.
My Favourite Teacher Tapp Finding: That free food appeals to as many teachers as a choice of professional development activity.
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