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Here’s how Teacher Tapp works

Answer 3 Questions

At 3:30pm, the app buzzes and thousands of teachers answer our three quick multiple choice questions about their day or their opinions on teaching.

See results

After you’ve answered the questions you get the chance to see what is happening in schools across the country via the results page.

Every week on Monday, we give you a deeper analysis of how different types of teachers responded to the questions we asked.

Ongoing CPD

We curate a single blog post or article for you to read each day.
We choose something that’ll take you just a few minutes to read and that is relevant to the work you do.

Win prizes and badges!

As a thank you for lending us your voice, we give you badges on the app, frequent prizes and raffles, and vouchers for useful products such as books.

Read what our teachers say about Teacher Tapp

Great app. Gives great insight into norms and different experiences in the teaching profession. I have used the app to support MEd research (both accessing historical datasets and working with the team to tailor my own questions), contextualise decision making and to discover CPD articles. Very easy to use too.

Really quick and easy to use. Great way to get CPD on a regular basis and its always interesting to see the results from the previous days questions! Highly recommend to colleagues in the education profession.

A brilliant app that helps develop an understanding of current educational issues through the experiences of teachers/educationalists. Always gives fascinating questions – and thr results analysis is great too – with a finger on the pulse of edu discourse. All of this AND you get a link to a blog/article/journal that will always help to challenge and deepen your thinking on education. Every day you get one too!

Interesting, thought-provoking articles follow the questions every day. Also interesting to see how one’s own thinking matches or doesn’t match other teachers!

Brilliant app. Great concept. Get rewarded for answering questions and get access to tons of data if you need to. A win-win situation.

Fascinating app. A voice for teachers, and a chance to hear the voice of other teachers. Plus great cpd everyday.

I love this app- such an interesting range of questions, and a great blog link to read afterwards. It’s been a fab discussion starter at department lunchtimes!

Love it, am totally addicted to Teacher Tapping. The daily tips are particularly good.

Getting staff to talk teaching and learning can be a challenge but @TeacherTapp resources have helped teachers see the world outside of the building and use those conversations to help our learners inside the building.

Fresh books are the best kind of post. Especially ones you got from @JohnCattEd using your @TeacherTapp voucher

The Teacher Tapp app is great! So easy to take part in and you receive daily CPD straight to your phone. What’s not love?!


How many hours do teachers work? How are schools responding to the new Ofsted framework? What are the most prized school resources? Ask questions to help your business, your advocacy work or your research. The Teacher Tapp app gives valuable insights to your questions within hours.

We have a range of options to suit all needs and budgets. Commission a new question, find the data you need in our extensive back catalogue of data or run a targeted advertising campaign. Or why not speak to us about creating a bespoke package to suit your specific needs?


Use Teacher Tapp to collect survey data, recruit teachers to your research project or scope a research study.


Gain fast insight into the products and services that teachers want and need (and how leaders decide to buy them).

Policy specialists

Refine and boost your advocacy position with teacher opinion and insights.

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