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The app that provides CPD for teachers

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Join us to help give teachers a voice!

At 3:30 pm each day, thousands of phones across the country buzz and our community of teachers spend a minute answering our questions about their work and learning from the short articles we give them.

They do this so that we can all learn about teachers daily lives, views and the schools they work in.

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Want to know exactly how things work in schools?

Ask questions to help your business, your advocacy work or your research. Working with Teacher Tapp gives you insights to YOUR questions within HOURS.
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Use Teacher Tapp to collect survey data, recruit teachers to your research project or scope a research study.

Use Teacher Tapp to send survey questions to teachers


Gain fast insight into the products and services that teachers want and need (and how leaders decide to buy them).

Gain teacher opinions and insights with teacher tapp

Policy specialists

Refine and boost your advocacy position with teacher opinion and insights.

Data from ask teachers questions online

Meet the team

picture of LAURA MCINERNEY CEO of Teacher Tapp

Laura McInerney

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer at Teacher Tapp, Laura is out and about every day talking to teachers and to potential clients about how we can work together. She is very well-known in the education world as a former teacher and Editor of Schools Week. Luckily for us, she started out in life as a management consultant so is brushing up on her rusty business skills!

Picture of BECKY ALLEN chief analyst at Teacher Tapp

Becky Allen

Chief Analyst

Becky spends her days developing questions and analytical routines for teachers and clients. Another former teacher, she has recently escaped from a 15-year career in academia, most recently as a Professor of Education at UCL Institute of Education. The things she learnt in her early twenties in investment banking are helping to ensure Teacher Tapp doesn’t run out of money!

Picture of ALEX WEATHERALL CTO at Teacher Tapp

Alex Weatherall

Chief Technology Officer

Alex is, technically, the one who really makes Teacher Tapp work each day. He builds our data infrastructure, our web interfaces and supports app development (which has been done by our friends at Imactivate). A software programmer in his early career, he recently gave up his job as a secondary school physics and computing teacher to work on Teacher Tapp full-time.

Read what teachers say about Teacher Tapp

What did we do before @TeacherTapp?! Fast becoming one of my favourite apps!

44 days. I have so much time for @TeacherTapp - the simple idea of saying hey, I know you don't always have as much time as you'd like to find insightful posts about important educational debates, I'll give you a link to one if you answer these three questions.

A quest for truth is often dangerous...absolutely agree, and this is why I love @TeacherTapp!! Looking forward to sharing whole-school this Wednesday!

Shout out for @TeacherTapp as the ‘gateway drug’ to research in the panel session. About a third of the 500 strong audience are currently on it.

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