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Private School Buildings May Not Be As Fancy As You Think

16 October 2017

School buildings are often old and difficult to maintain, especially those built immediately after WWII.

Cash for rejuvenating such buildings has been squeezed lately and the cancellation of Building Schools for the Future in 2010 left many facilities facing a dilapidated future.

Should politicians pour cash into the physical condition of schools? We asked our Teacher Tapp panel about their buildings to find out.

We learned that:

Primary school teachers seem happy with their classroom (80% very/moderately satisfied);

But secondary schools could do with a boost. Around a third of secondary teachers (30%) were dissatisfied with their physical conditions.

This is not a great situation. However, private school teachers recorded similar rates of unhappiness!

The public image of independent schools may be of fabulous fields and fancy classrooms, but around a quarter of teachers are also dissatisfied with their conditions.

Perhaps the expectations of teachers in independent schools are higher. But it should be a point of pride for local government, school leaders, dioceses and (more recently) central government, that most buildings are in comparable nick.


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