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Teachers, Lend Us Your Brains!

9 September 2017

At today’s ResearchEd conference we will finally reveal our exciting Teacher Tapp experiment – and we hope you will join in.

Teacher Tapp is a smartphone app that gives teachers a way to share their opinions, instantly and quickly, about daily issues.

Why create it? Simple: too many people claim to know what teachers think about a topic when really they have no ideaWe want to change that.

In truth, the only way to find out what people think is to ask them. Regularly.

Hence, we’ve created an app which asks you three questions each day taking around 10 seconds.

It’s free, there’s no ads or subscriptions, and we look after your data super-carefully. We just need your brains and thoughts to make it work!

Sold? Great! Start downloading ‘Teacher Tapp’ – iPhone or Android.

Want to know more? Read on!

The Guiding Parable Of Teacher Tapp

Retail superstar Allan Leighton tells the story of his first day working at a factory making Maltesers.

His job was to sweep up any of the round malt chocolates if they dropped off the conveyor belt. As a recent graduate, he felt this would be an easy task.

For eight hours he struggled away, trying to control the sweets as they rolled away from his brush.

At the end of his shift he finally asked another worker how to do it.

The older man laughed, took the broom from him, stamped on the Malteser, and handed the broom back. “Now try brushing them,” he said.

The morale of the story is not subtle.

If you want to know how to do (or change) a job, ask the people who do it every day.


Let us stamp on Maltesers together!

Hence, we created Teacher Tapp – a smartphone app that you tapp each day to share information about what is happening in the world of teaching.

In return, we will use this information to make change.

Over the past year, if the Teacher Tapp team had been able to quickly survey a number of policy issues – for example, ‘would you work in a grammar school’ or ‘what three factors at school most contribute to your workload’ – then we could have influenced government policy.

Instead, politicians ignore teachers too often. They claim to know what they think or simply pretend it doesn’t matter.

We want to change this. And we need your help to do it.


Are you in? We’d love you to become a beta-tester!

With Teacher Tapp we will give teachers a voice and find out things we’ve never known before.

Things like, how many classrooms does a teacher work in on average? How often do teachers actually eat lunch? How often do you work with a teaching assistant (and how useful are they)?

It’s easy to do: visit the app store and download ‘Teacher Tapp’ – iPhone or Android

It’s free, fascinating and we look after your data super-carefully. No ads, no subscriptions, none of that jazz.

Just super-nerdy education data used to make politicians listen and find out stuff that will make schools smarter.


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