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Do teachers really work for 12 hours a day?

6 October 2017

On Wednesday, we asked people how many hours they had worked the day before (Tuesday).

Answers don’t seem to vary by primary/secondary, though they do appear to vary by years of experience.

But – here’s the crazy thing — when asked 69% of teachers say they worked more than 10 hours, and 22% worked for more than 12 hours. This seems like a lot!

So what? A key question is: what are teachers doing in this time?! Our hunch is that other activities — such as eating, breaks, commuting — were also added in. It seems unlikely, though not impossible, that this many tappsters did focused work for 12 solid hours.

That said, we also asked during a week when many teachers had open days or parents’ evening. Did this contribute to the high number?

Any other thoughts? Questions we should ask to get to the bottom of things?

We will rerun this data, plus some other questions, to try and round out an accurate picture of what is going on.


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