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Why do we ask for your school?

30 August 2022

You may be wondering why we at Teacher Tapp want to know what school you teach at…

After all, it is a sensitive piece of information and we’re sure you don’t want your headteacher to know how you are responding to our questions! Don’t worry – the name of your school and its URN sits in a secure database!

So why do we ask you for it?

We can save you time by not asking you loads of background questions!

If you have submitted a school name and postcode that we can match with a school on Edubase, then we know:

  • The affluence of the intake in your school (we do this by looking at the percentage of students who are eligible to receive free school meals)
  • What size of MAT you are in (if you are)
  • The demographic characteristics of your school
  • The size of your school
  • When the last time your school was inspected by Ofsted (or ISI).

Once we know these things, your responses start to get very interesting indeed 👀. They allow us to produce some insightful comparisons between schools of different types!

Here are just two of the interesting findings that we’ve discovered using this school data.

Covid has increased the attainment gap – especially in deprived schools!

Around 90% of teachers are in agreement that the attainment gap has increased because of the pandemic. However, its teachers in the most deprived schools who fear the gap has grown the most. 38% of teachers in FSM Q4 schools said that there was a substantial increase in the attainment gap, a view shared by just 19% of teachers in FSM Q1 schools.

Academies don’t necessarily mean more classroom influence

While it is not that surprising that private schools feel like they have more influence in the classroom, what is surprising is that teachers in academies don’t necessarily feel like they have a great deal of influence – especially those in the Large MAT!

Given that one of the purported benefits of the academy system was more autonomy, this result is a little surprising!

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