What is Teacher Tapp?

Teacher Tapp is a free and simple survey app that is changing education for the better. Each day we ask you quick questions to share your thoughts and experiences, so we can paint an accurate picture of what teaching is really like, and use that information to make change.

The app is fast and hassle-free because we value your time. And each day we share the results back with you so the whole community can learn something new each day.

Finally, we value every voice that contributes – so to say thank you, we also provide daily useful CPD articles (and some badges too!)

Over 7,500 teachers answer every day – join in!

How it works

  1.  Download the app and sign up to Teacher Tapp
  2. Answer the multiple choice questions
  3. See how teachers answered yesterday and change out our daily read
  4. Get notified each day at 3:30 for another quick hit of CPD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Tapp welcomes school teachers from all across the world. It was originally designed, and still works best, for teachers who work in a school in England, whether state or private. However, any teacher can download the app, but it may be less relevant to non-teaching staff, those in early years settings, further education or schools outside of England.  Find out more here.

Our founders started their careers as teachers, and understand how busy the school day is and how difficult it is to find the time for professional development. Teacher Tapp lets you complete a daily bullet of CPD, in less than a minute, and learn something along the way.

For those with a few more minutes to spare, a blog or article is shared each day with helpful insights that can enhance teaching practice. Read, reflect and make changes! Teacher Tapp surveys are delivered at the same time each day, making CPD part of your daily routine.

The daily polls are also a great trigger for professional discussions in the staffroom —  an invaluable opportunity to learn from and with colleagues.

Teacher Tapp pulls together the responses and uses them to influence policy and share the reality of life on the ground in schools. Our polls regularly feature in national newspapers and on television and radio – making sure teachers’ voices are central to policy debates. We have also helped dozens of teachers conduct research for their masters, PGCE , NPQs or other qualifications. Rest assured, we don’t release your personal data to third parties and our systems are designed to encrypt and separate identifying information from answers to questions.

You can read more about this in our Privacy policy

We have some ground rules, but most businesses, organisations, researchers or policymakers will be eligible to submit a question. With our help, you can gain fast insight into the products and services that teachers want and need, boost your advocacy position or scope a new research project. Teacher Tapp gives valuable answers to your questions within a few hours. Find out more about how to submit a question here.

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