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How many teachers are also parents?

1 November 2017

Most teachers like children. It helps with the job. But how many teach children all day and then are parents in the evening?>

One of the things we are interested in looking at via Teacher Tapp is the impact of the job on family life. So how many of our panellists have children?>

These are the figures from last week. Just over half (54%) had children. Almost half did not (46%).>

In Understanding Society, the UK Longitudinal Household Survey, just over half of the working population say they don’t have children. So our panellists are slightly more likely to have offspring than expected.>

That said, a teacher on twitter flagged that half-term might not be a good time to ask this question, as parents may be less likely to answer during hols.>

We don’t know if this is true. We will rerun the question in future to see if we get a similar percentage. If we do, then we’ll know our half-term sample is roughly representative and doesn’t exclude parents at a higher rate than non-parents. If the numbers are way off, then we will be careful about asking questions related to parenting during half-term.>

This is one of the amazing things about Teacher Tapp: it keeps getting smarter as we go along.>


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