The Teacher Tapp Brand Tracker is a set of questions we will be asking once per month to all of our users. The questions enable over 100 education organisations to get important information about how well they are serving teachers. And, in return, the teachers taking part get a chance to win a CPD library for their school worth over £300.

Why create the Teacher Tapp Brand Tracker?

Since starting Teacher Tapp in 2017, lots of education organisations have asked us to help with their work. For the Anna Freud Centre, we found out what teachers thought about mental health. On behalf of the Sutton Trust we discovered what motivates teachers to work in challenging schools. Even the education secretary used our data about email workload in one of his speeches.

One thing we have NOT done is routinely ask about education brands. There are only 3 questions per day on Teacher Tapp, so we are very picky about what we ask. Many businesses want to know if you’ve heard of their organisation. But if we filled up our question bank with these, then we’d never find out the other stuff (which is arguably more important for the profession).

However, lots of education organisations are motivated to find out what teachers think because they want to use that information to improve their products and services. But if they don’t know who is or isn’t using a service, and how that compares with others, then it is tricky to target improvement effort. Getting teachers to answer questions is difficult because you are all so busy. Surely there was some way we could square this circle?

In response, we came up with the Teacher Tapp Brand Tracker: a way of asking brand-related questions on just one day per month. And if you answer them then it will help education organisations improve their products and services to meet the actual needs of teachers. Plus, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a CPD library worth over £300 for your school!

How do I join in with the Teacher Tapp Brand Tracker?

If you are on the app then, once-per-month, three questions will appear:

  • Have you heard of any of the following brands?
  • Do you use any of the following brands?
  • Would you recommend any of the following brands?

You will be given 10 options in each list. Please tick those which apply. And that’s it!

NOTE: For the first month, January, we have just asked a single tester question.

What happens to my answers?

We aggregate the data for each company and use this to create intelligence reports for education organisations so they can improve their products. We do not pass on personal data. The reports are like those we write for the weekly blogs, and only use aggregate data.

What rewards do I receive for being in Teacher Tapp?

As with all questions answered on Teacher Tapp, you receive points towards your streak and badges. BUT ALSO, for every set of Brand Tracker questions you enter you receive a raffle ticket to win a CPD Library for your school. These will be drawn monthly at first. The more companies that sponsor the Tracker, the more often we will run these raffles.

Will I get to see the results for these companies?

No. The day after answering your Teacher Tapp Tracker questions you will see the results for the ordinary Teacher Tapp questions and not results for the companies.

Why? Two reasons. First, the results we obtain through the app aren’t automatically weighted to make them representative. This can lead to false ideas about a company’s popularity. For example, a company that produces products just for maths teachers may be very well known among maths teachers, but will end up looking bad compared to a company that services teachers of all subjects. When we provide intelligence beyond the app we are able to highlight this and give reweighted data. We can’t do that on the app itself. Hence, we will be holding back to the results so we can analyse them.

Secondly, we will only be sharing the monthly insights with companies that choose to subscribe to the Tracker (and so help fund the CPD libraries). We would not want other companies to be able to access this information for free.

However, we will provide an annual insights report for Teacher Tapp users which will show the brands that achieved the highest scores over the year. This report will help teachers see which are the leading products and services across many categories and we hope will function as a great transparency and accountability mechanism for organisations that sell to schools and teachers.

Can I opt out of the Teacher Tapp Brand Tracker?

As with all questions on Teacher Tapp, if you do not wish to answer that day’s question, please close the app and then come back the next day at 3.30pm for a new set of questions.

My question isn’t answered here?

Please send any further questions to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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